Thornham Woods Animated Trail, Suffolk

Animated Trail of Thornham Woods
Animated Trail of Thornham Woods

“This is a combination of guided walk, outdoor performance event, sculpture park and magical mystery tour. The audience will be met at the entrance to the trail where local artist Gil Gillilan has created a doorway to another world, based on an ancient mythology of trees.

After this, anything can happen! A dance performance by a multitude of man-sized (sic) pheasants with beautiful plumage craefully crafted from woodland materials. An arresting display of sculpture, showing the students interpretation of the environment they’ve been working in. Unexplained sights and sounds reflecting the weird world of the undergowth. All these things are promised by The Company of Imagination.

Company worker Amanda Glover says the idea is to make people stop and think about then nature they’re walking through instead of letting their minds drift.”

Stowmarket Mercury, June 1987