The People

There were many people who made the Company of Imagination projects unique. A core group was joined by visiting makers, musicians, performers and poets who contributed their particular skills, insights and imaginations. Everyone of them took away something special and went on to build extraordinary lives and careers.

Sadly, some of those who were instrumental in the making and recording of these extraordinary events are no longer with us, and this website is dedicated to their memory.

Jan Dungey – director, performer, maker and project leader

Animated Trail of Thornham Woods


Maggie Campbell – costume, mask and scene maker, workshop leader

Maggie Campbell

Amanda Glover – sculptor, landscape artist, prop and scenery maker, illustrator, designer


Amanda Glover


Helen Crocker –  dancer, acrobat, performer

Animated Trail of Thornham Woods

Stephanie Bunn – felt maker/artist and performer



Sian Croose – singer, choir leader, workshop leader, performer

P9. DD - Sian Croose workshop


Sianed Jones – musician, singer, composer, performer



Julia Farringdon -musician, composer, performer

The Landing of Arkadia


Sarha Moore – musician



Gill Alexander – musician


Erin Steele – singer, musician, composer, performer


Neumas Kunatsa – musician, composer, performer


Nicky Stainton – project organiser, marketeer, finances and fundraising


Pam Cooke – administrator


Richard Denyer – photographer


Jude Kelsey – video maker and documenter

Ursie Pank – musician and performer

Meg Amsden – puppet-maker and pupeteer, singer, performer

Deborah Pope – acrobat, aerialist, performer

Jonathan Graham – performer (with Rural Arts)