The Landing of Arkadia, Norwich

The Landing of Arkadia
The Landing of Arkadia

The Landing of Arkadia was billed as an intriguing and entertaining event. A web of visual images to captivate the imagination of child and adult alike. An environmental epic.

It was created during May 1989 by  The Company of Imagination team, augmented by guest artists and makers, in the setting of Waterloo Park in Norwich where it was performed on 3rd June before a large and enthusiastic audience.

Many local people took part as dancers, costume, puppet and mask-makers, musicians, stewards and publicists.

The piece told the story of the poisoning of Arkadia, and her lament for the land, of how the precious ark containing the seed and the egg of the future were stolen from the Daughters of Arkadia and Sheman the Healer’s journey though the land of Nowuk to track down those responsible for the crime. Along the way the audience encountered the laundry-obsessed Fishwiffs, Quills with X-ray vision and other strange creatures.